A digital footprint is now the first impression you make in business. Understanding your reputation, level of influence and network value is more complicated.

Your reputation is your most valuable and critical career asset. It’s how employers, clients, peers and team members can understand the value you can create for them and with them. For employers, getting alignment on values, purpose and reputations is a great way to amplify your business brand. When people and purpose are aligned, great career potential and business opportunities can be realised.

The Social Index is a unique online platform that provides a consent driven, timebound, infographic report to allow Individuals to understand the value of their reputation and for employers to help their talent navigate the emerging challenges of online and offline reputation management as part of positively amplifying their company brand.

Your profile is compiled from social media channels into an attractive infographic report.
Rated summary from comments and references of individuals and companies.
Career history summary by number of positions and promotions.
Charted data from number of posting times and days of the week.