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Digital Footprint

$ 79.00

Great for people who want a quick, user friendly snapshot of their online reputation and manage their privacy.

  • Understand the key elements of your public online reputation so you can be better prepared for interviews & career conversations.

  • See how your career timeline is seen by others.

  • See all your key skills, experience, relevant interests & other insights so you can showcase these or fix gaps!

  • Check the sentiment of your comments & posts.

  • Manage your online reputation and personal brand to enhance your career choices.

  • See your online reputation in a workplace friendly info-graphic report.

Digital Footprint

$ 350.00

Perfect for people wanting a better understanding of their online reputation and how to maximise this for better career choices.

  • Get the full picture of how your public online reputation represents you.

  • Get all the Fundamentals

  • See how your online activity showcases:

    • your communication style,

    • what motivates you

    • what workplace culture suits you

  • See what your online communication style showcases about your online personality and how this could be perceived by recruiters, hiring managers or even your boss.

  • See your online reputation in a workplace friendly info-graphic report.