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Your digital footprint can significantly and positively impact your career prospects. Many recruiters and hiring managers now look online for candidate information, knowing that it can illustrate your industry leadership, your network reach and how your online reputation aligns with your offline presence.

The Social Index is a unique and independent tool to do this. It accurately aggregates and analyses an individual’s digital footprint and showcases your experience, skills and online influence relevant to the role you have applied for and is presented as an easy-to-read infographic. These insights allow for you to have deeper conversations with the prospective employer around their role and company, ensuring that both meets your particular career aspirations.

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It is also transparent – delivered to both you and the employer prior to meeting. We only work with reputable companies and use proprietary algorithms and filters to provide both you and the employer with a comprehensive picture of your experience and credibility, as you have shared it online. It’s a safe and independent assessment of your public, online footprint, and we will never ask you for your passwords.