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Your digital footprint can significantly and positively impact your career prospects. Your reputation is your most valuable career asset and until now, it’s been really difficult to manage. How people perceive you, understand your achievements and network value is key to realising value from your reputation. Equally, having no footprint is now as bad as having a poor reputation so proactively managing your personal brand has never been more important (or easier!).

The Social Index is a bespoke and independent platform designed to help optimise careers and talent development. Our consent driven, timebound and privacy compliant report analyses your digital footprint creating a tailored infographic report. It helps you to see how others see you, how to showcase skills and experiences that matter and give you to actionable insights to manage your reputation. By creating a positive and well-rounded first impression you can increase your career opportunities.

Start understanding how you can build your career, network and personal brand by getting your report and how to use social media to best highlight your skills, experience and reputation.

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Our reports show you how you are creating that first impression online. In our increasingly digital workplaces, understanding how to leverage digital and social platforms can be a critical differentiator. It can help you curate insights, amplify your offline expertise and expand your network more effectively than any other method.  With these insights and our research you can be confident that you can create your desired first impression.