Business is transforming.
The rapid pace of technology has changed the way we communicate personally and professionally. It has never been easier to find, connect and converse with brands online – but this means it’s now harder for brands to compete.

For a competitive edge, companies are looking deeper.
Progressive companies want employees who are credible brand ambassadors, with strong networks and positive influence. These firms look to their Human Resources teams to find the right people – those who ‘fit.’

Reputation is the new black.
As we move from a knowledge economy to a social economy, an individual’s reputation is becoming more important than ever. However with social media, the line between our professional and personal lives is blurring.
Employers want security in knowing whether a candidate’s reputation can create opportunities for their business, or present risks.

To understand a candidate, you need the full picture.
Many companies now weigh a candidate’s digital footprint as heavily as they weigh traditional qualifications. Most will search online for information about a candidate prior to making an offer. But search engines don’t offer an accurate, aggregated view of what a candidate says about themselves online. The Social Index does.

We take the guesswork out of social media.
The Social Index is the only online tool that can analyse a person’s digital footprint to determine their cultural ‘fit’ with company, its culture and values. It goes far further than traditional recruitment methods and helps to provide a more complete picture of a candidate, as written and distributed by them.

Via a transparent process, we provide both the employee and candidate with a unique report that offers relevant, consistent and actionable insights.

These insights allow for better conversations, which in turn allows for more decisive hiring decisions and positive employment outcomes.