Business is transforming.
The rapid pace of technology has changed the way we communicate personally and professionally. It has never been easier to find, connect and converse online – but this means it’s now harder to differentiate your reputation and brand.

For a competitive edge, people & companies are looking deeper.
Progressive companies want employees who are credible brand ambassadors, with strong networks and positive influence. People are reviewing companies in online forums and via leadership profiles to seek out new opportunities. Finding and developing the right people is core to the success of HR, Business and Board strategies.

Reputation is the new black.
As we move from a knowledge economy to a social economy, an individual’s reputation is becoming more important than ever. However with social media, the line between our professional and personal lives is blurring.

Employers want security in knowing whether a candidate’s reputation can create opportunities for their business, or present risks. Individuals want to know that the company values align with their goals and aspirations.

To understand an individual’s reputation, you need the full picture.
An individual’s digital footprint is now as critical as their traditional qualifications. For Individuals, proactively managing their online personal brand will help them make the best first impression possible. For Employers, supporting their talent navigate this complex merging of online and offline reputations will help amplify their own brand. But search engines don’t offer an accurate, aggregated view of what an individual says about themselves online. The Social Index does.

We take the guesswork out of social media.
The Social Index is the only online tool that can analyse a person’s digital footprint to showcase the value in their reputational assets. It shows who they are over time, their leadership style, their values, career achievements as well as giving tips on how to adapt to changing workplace needs

Via a transparent process, we provide individuals with a unique report that offers relevant and actionable insights. For employers, we partner with you and your talent to provide aggregate insights into how to nurture and align your brand with your teams.

These insights allow for better conversations, which in turn allows for more decisive career and talent outcomes.