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Employees are a company’s competitive advantage. Beyond education and skillset, top talent within an organization are those who connect to the values of the firm, share common interests and goals, are well networked and who offer discretionary effort. We call them your brand’s champions – your true talent.

Progressive companies also understand the benefits of aligned values between the company and their talent. Helping your talent to amplify your brand can be a critical business performance tool as well enable effective talent attraction and retention.

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The Social Index helps you & your teams to do this seamlessly. We partner with you and your talent to realise the potential of their digital reputation as part of Executive Coaching, High Potential talent programs, Outplacement & transition initiatives, Graduate development and general development initiatives. With aggregated insights, you can focus your resources, budgets and time on developing your teams and amplifying your brand via your biggest competitive advantage, your people.

Talk to us about how we can help you design a program, for an individual, a team or your organisation that helps your people better understand their reputation and how to align and amplify your brand.